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What does a Dom look like?

Is he a man in a suit? Broad shoulders and a look of intensity?

What a about a guy behind a computer desk in a corner of an office, with jeans and a Street Fighter t shirt?

All of the above.

I’m sure the general public see “Dom” and in their mind picture a Christian Grey character. Rich, successful, well dressed and proper. True, a good Dominant carries himself with surety in everyday life. But we don’t all look the same. It’s what’s on the inside. The way we behave when the time is right. The way we speak when the moment calls for it. The way we treat others with dignity and respect.

The life of a Dom does not only exist in the bedroom. It is who we are. A good Dom is confident, but not cocky. He is calm and collected. He is wiling to step up when necessary, but also willing to step aside. He is gentle and caring when needed, but savage and violent when the moment is right. He is possessive, yet permissive. And possibly above all, he is loyal and trustworthy.

If you want to “see” a Dom, look to those around him. Is he respected? Admired? Do his words carry weight with his peers? The way he is treated is a reflection of how he treats others. And how he will treat you.

Amazingly said ! ❤️

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